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Gas Plumbing in Reno, NV

Let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Repair or Install Your Gas Piping

Do you suspect a gas leak in your home? Are you looking to upgrade your appliances to natural gas? Whether you are in dire need of repair or simply need new gas piping, our professional technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are committed to fulfilling your gas plumbing needs.

Our experienced team has the proper training and certifications to work on gas lines and piping, providing your home with ultimate comfort, as well as you and your family’s peace of mind. If you are experiencing a gas issue in your home, you need to act fast and avoid taking any risks.

We provide the following types of gas plumbing services:

  • Gas line repair
  • Gas leak repair
  • Gas piping installation and replacement
  • Gas line service

Let Us Repair Any Gas Leaks

When it comes to gas leaks, our professional technicians understand how dangerous this can be for your home and your family. Fortunately, we are trained and licensed for gas leak detection and repair. Whether the leak is in a wall, in your attic, or even underground, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can assess the situation and determine the right repair and solution for you.

If you are experiencing a gas leak, follow these important steps:

  • Shut off the main gas line
  • Open all of the doors and windows to let the gassy air out of the house
  • Avoid touching any appliances, such as turning on the stove
  • Do not ignite any flames (e.g. using a lighter or striking any matches)
  • Contact our Reno plumbers as soon as possible

Gas Line Installation and Replacement Services

The combination of use and time corrodes gas lines, which is a natural occurrence for homeowners. Our professional technicians know how to property size, reroute new lines, and meet code requirements. Additionally, we schedule the required inspections for you in order to obtain the proper permits.

No matter the application, we can install a new line for you in a quick and cost-effective manner. You can depend on us to take care of any and all of your operational and safety needs.

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Powering your stoves, water heater, fireplace, and other appliances, gas lines are an integral part of your home. We provide more than just a temporary fix. Rather, we ensure your gas system is running sufficiently for as long as possible.

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