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Energy Saving Tips for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer months can bring increased costs to homes, especially those homes in areas that experience a significant increase in heat. Fortunately, there are some simple ways homeowners can ensure a lower impact on the environment...and their energy bills.

Lower Water Heating Costs – Water heaters can account for around 18% of energy consumed in a home. A yearly safety inspection and tune-up can keep water heaters running at top efficiency. Turning the temperature setting down to 120 degrees can also help save energy.

Strategically Use Fans – Ceiling fans cool people by creating a wind chill effect. Turning on ceiling fans in rooms where people are present can allow for the overall air conditioning temperature to be set about 4 degrees higher with little to no reduction in overall comfort. Bathroom fans can be used to remove heat and humidity during showers and baths.

Use Windows to Capture Cool Air – Cooler nights can be a boone for those wishing to save energy. Simply turn off the cooling system and open the windows during the cooler nights and evenings. Then, shut the windows and blinds in the morning to capture the cooler air. Properly sealing windows and doors can help keep that cool air inside...and the heat out.

Reduce Cooling Costs – Annual maintenance of cooling equipment such as air conditioners, evaporative coolers and heat pumps will help ensure your systems are running safely and efficiently.

Avoid Adding Extra Heat – Whenever possible, avoid using the oven to cook on hot days. Instead, opt for the stove, microwave or outside grill. Indoor lighting can also add excess heat. Attempt to take advantage of daylight without over-exposing your home to direct sunlight.

These simple tips can help keep your home’s environmental footprint and energy bills down throughout the spring and summer.

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